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  About Me

Hi, Iím Claire.

I have always been passionate about photography. Perhaps it was because I was surrounded by photographers from a young age: close family, cousins, uncles, grandparents, we all took photos, some better than others, I must admit, but it was always fun. I got the taste for it, and I couldnít let go. Soon, wherever I went, my camera came too.

As the years passed I became more ambitious, and I grew in confidence and expertise. By my late teens, I had left holiday snapshots far behind and progressed to much more serious photography.

I began building up a portfolio. I travelled in Europe, to the States, to South America, to Africa. I met some amazing people and saw extraordinary things and places. And I brought back wonderful travel and nature photos from all of these journeys. Then back in the UK, I began specialising in equestrian photography. From the start I got great feedback from riders. I began to be hired by other professionals to cover equestrian events and soon my work appeared in equestrian magazines, both inside and on front covers. I won awards for Equestrian and Animal Photography and I became an official photographer to the British 2 Star Eventing team.

Then after a while I began branching out. I covered other sporting events. I do photographic work for the military which appears regularly in various MOD publications. And I explored other photographic fields - animal photography, landscapes, macro-photography, and portraits.

Then the day came when I was asked to photograph a wedding. And Iím so glad it happened! It was wonderful! I was sharing this day with a couple overbrimming with joy and happiness, who had entrusted me to create the images of their wedding day! It was an honour and privilege that gave me the boost I needed to set out in yet another direction.

Today I still take incredible photos on my many travels. I still cover equestrian and other sporting events, as well as portraits. I do photographic work for the military as well. But more and more, I find myself photographing weddings. Itís work I thoroughly enjoy. After all, what could be nicer as being where love is in the air?

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